Third Party Reviews

Melvin Warfield | September 21, 2018 |

"Great staff."

Raushel Bryan | September 06, 2018 |

"My boyfriend went in for a cut because it was conveniently on his way home and much needed. The 10 min haircut itself wasn't that bad, he went up to pay and later realized she charged him for the MVP which is $20 and includes a scalp massage amongst other things that he didn't receive. We could say it was an accident but I highly doubt it, the job is not that complex."


"Receptionist and stylist name is Tia I walked into sportsclips, typically when walking in I receive a friendly welcome when walking into Sportclips. Nobody was there. After some time one girl came and looked at me and I'm guessing she felt I didn't deserve to be greater, she glared at me and continued to talk over the mobile phone. I felt very unwelcome. First one, she did such a horrible job and the trinming was done in lessthan 2 min. That’s it without no clean up or whatsoever. she did such a poor and horrible job on my beard trimming.Never going again. Enter at your own risk. What screams out to you is *** in the end"

Tom Brutis | May 31, 2018 |

"Not bad. It's rolling the dice. But they do try hard to be upscale."

Mark Zumwalt | June 07, 2018 |

"Very nice"

Noah H. | September 06, 2017 |

"Wait is terrible, 3 people are working and all of a sudden 2 leave right after they're done with their haircuts and don't decide to help me. Terrible."

Shawn M. | June 12, 2012 |

"The staff at the front desk weren't overly polite or remotely cheerful. The haircut was good enough, but no different than you'd get at a Great Clips. Unfortunately, it's also more expensive than Great Clips. It's an extra $5 to have your hair rinsed, which I'm used to having included at other places around their price range. all in all, not a great experience. The novelty of watching ESPN for 15 minutes isn't worth the extra money."

John S. | August 17, 2014 |

"Front desk worker was very unhelpful. The barber did not seem to care about what I wanted. She just wanted to get it over with quickly. She also completely chopped off my sideburns without even asking me. DO NOT GET YOUR HAIR CUT HERE!"

Alex O. | August 18, 2014 |

"Staff is great. I've been getting my hair cut here for years, and while stylists have come and gone, three have managed to make me a loyal client, which is no small feat because I'm pretty picky. In fact, even though I live in the city now--with another Sport Clips location within a mile of my house, no less--I still make the trip out to the Valley to get my hair cut."

Kaitlyn M. | November 26, 2015 |

"DO NOT GO TO CHRISTINA. This review is for my husband who looks like he got a haircut from a 5 year old. This is the second bad experience he has had here-not sure who the first stylist was he went to but needless to say-DON'T GO HERE!"